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Time to take it to your garden and do as the snails do!

The idea of a snail hardly fills us with sexy thoughts but this position is well worth ignoring the name! Prepare for some seriously deep sensations….. #potw #positionoftheweek #kamasutra #sexpositions #sextoys #pleasure #sextips


Library  by Michael Dumontier and Neil Farber

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I’m such a sensitive person.. So sensitive. Sensitive to energies. Sensitive to the senses. I can go from an extremely euphoric state to a drained depends on what’s around me, who’s around me, the nature of the environment. I can smell something and be so enamored by the smell on a profound level. I can also be in an environment that’s uncomfortable and inauthentic and feel myself being drained. That’s why I’m more mindful of what situations I put myself in. 

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